Wednesday, October 5, 2016

American Horror Story: #browsofhorror.

It's that time of year again... Autumn is upon us with it's beauty and pizazz. It is also time for all things frighteningly fabulous! Yes, it is my most favorite time of  year and Halloween happens to be top on my awesome list. My studio, Browtopia is transformed to match. So are my treatments, music, scents and... social media contests?
Yes, we are talking about everyone's favorite Facebook event, "Brows of Horror: Halloween Edition."
Each year my clients and fans post the most scary pictures of brows gone terribly wrong for a prize. All the while I try to educate everyone on the perils of bad brow habits, waxing, nutrition, and this year's theme: ingredients. Who knows what horror is lurking in your favorite brow products? The browpixie does, and that is why she created her own line in the first place. So sit back, grab yourself some hot apple cider, pumpkin spice treat, or even a nice glass of red, as I regale you with tales of product terror... 😱

These preservatives in cosmetics are used in order to prevent bacteria from growing in mascara. The hygienic preservatives have been linked to mimic or disrupt estrogen in the body, also known as an endocrine disrupter, says the Breast Cancer Fund. High concentrations of parabens have been found in human breast tumors by Dr. Philippa Darbre, a research scientist at the University of Reading in the UK. In a study that mimics Dr. Darbre’s original 2004 study, Darbre and her research team found one or more types of parabens in 99% of the tissue samples, and all five were measurable in 60% of the samples. Parabens found in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are getting into the breast at high rates. But we know this, so there are many superior alternatives, yet the top, mainstream brands are still using them.

*Propylene/Butylene Glycol
This common ingredient, although deemed safe by the FDA, appears to cause severe skin irritation and sensitization in most people. Individuals who may be sensitive to this product can be exposed to a special form of irritation – allergic contact dermatitis, an allergic skin reaction caused by direct contact with an allergen. According to dermatologists, this allergic reaction will show up as a red, inflamed rash that is accompanied by itching and minor pain. In severe cases, painful blisters may form on the skin and could potentially spread to other areas of the body.

Hmmmm, a key component in almost all popular brow gels on the market today. Also more than half of my 

clientele has reported this same irritation in their brow area, myself included. Yet it took us a little while to figure out that it very well could be our precious brow gel as the cause. Ultimately irritation of this kind will lead to sparse brow hair. Also a high complaint among you. Coincidence?

 This is a good one. Used as a tackifier and plasticizer. It is derived from petroleum and is also used for manufacturing adhe sives (glue). Glue. On my eyebrows. Awesome. Out of brow product? No prob, just reach for that glue stick! Said no one ever. 

While low on a toxicity scale, I admit, still not something that you want smothering your eyebrow area since most are derived from vinyl. This is done to inhibit the hair from absorbing moisture, thus holding a "style" longer. This paired with probably at least 3 cheap alcohols that are found in most brow gels, mousses, waxes, etc. is the cause for that dry, flakey situation at the end of the day. What happens to hair that's too dry? It breaks. Not very healthy and a bit counterproductive for those buying it for "bolder, more beautiful, thick brows."

Now for my personal favorite: 🙄

*Imidazolidinyl urea
This is an antimicrobial preservative used in cosmetics. It is chemically related to diazolidinyl urea which is used in the same way. Imidazolidinyl urea acts as a formaldehyde releaser.  
That's right. Embalming fluid. Brows now fit for the UNDEAD. Frighteningly fabulous indeed. 

"Boris the Bargain Brow Gel Monster"
Sure, he's the latest and greatest. Ever SO popular. 
Those brows tho.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summertime Brow Sadness? Not in Browtopia...

While we all don't go to the beach and pool looking like Lana Del Ray. A glam style departure is healthy... That doesn't mean that you have to suffer from what I refer to as "summertime brow sadness". In fact summer was made for embracing lightness! Lighter colors, food, clothing, even wine! The PERFECT time to detox, revive and refresh, right? So don't forget your brows and skin are in need of lightening up as well!

I say don't fear the makeup reaper. When it comes to your eyebrows and skin, the summer months are simply crucial to their health and beauty, by letting them breathe. Yes, breathe. Now all together as you're reading this, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through the nose. Doesn't that feel good? Of course it does! So don't suffocate your skin by piling on the cosmetics. Dare to bare! Expose them to the beauty of the season. 

☀️ Sun- Vitamin D, a game changer for aiding eyebrow hair growth. Since so many of us are deficient, this is a concern for regarding hair growth as a whole. So for heaven's sake, you don't need to be putting sun protectant over your eyebrows, leave them be.

🌬 Oxygen- Breathe life into dull brows and skin. Hair follicles need oxygen. Keep them bare and clean. The hair will have a hard time pushing through that follicle if there is debris present. Certainly the hair won't be healthy and stick around if the environment is bad for growth. Just like a plant. Speaking of our green, botanical friends...

🌱 Go Green. No need to pile on the product when you have bold, beautiful brows naturally! I say slurp, slather and munch your way to better brows with this Summer Fruit Guide!

Cantaloupe: This melon contains inositol, a form of Vitamin B required to control hair loss and stimulate growth. Cantaloupe puree is a perfect hair conditioner for the summer. Mash or puree a cup of cantaloupe and apply to eyebrows. Rinse and reveal smooth and manageable brow hair. You can do this with all of the fruits listed (or at least their juice), as a matter of fact.

Watermelon: My personal favorite and go-to for happy brows and glowy skin! High in citrulline, a great amino acid for your body, stimulates blood flow and balances the sebaceous glands, contributing to healthy hair growth. At 92% water, watermelon helps you detox while ingesting vitamins and fiber. Everything you need for awesome eyebrows and complexion. 

Cucumber: Love thy brows. Love thy cucumber. Beauty is in the crunch of the beholder! Silica, a mineral that is essential for happy brows and glowy skin, will add strength to your precious eyebrow hairs!
Blackberry and Blueberry: Go to the dark side for amazing brows. Dark berry deliciousness combats damaging effects with it's one-two punch of antioxidants! High in Vitamin C, it is responsible for both coollagen production and strength. No broken brow hairs here!
So go ahead! Indulge in these timeless summer favorites- Eat, drink, and slather it on this Labor Day weekend! Do it in the name of beauty! Tell people it's #browpixieapproved. 😘✨🍹🍉
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Welcome brow beauties to the next installment of  the "Spring into Happy Brows and Glowy Skin" series... Fun, fast and fabulous tips for "brows on the grow and skin on the glow!"
I hope you are all doing well in self-imposed "brow rehab", I know it's hard, but it really is for the greater good! 
In April, those of you who were social with the browpixie on fb and instagram, found yourselves trying some new and rather strange eyebrow masks for regrowth. Everyone will have a different experience depending on what your brows need for optimal health, which will lead to regrowth. Now I'm going to reveal to you WHY these mask recipes are supposed to work. Remember, for the best results, use organic ingredients only. Let's begin with my first post, Aloe. 

* Aloe vera has moisturizing properties and natural enzymes that help to nourish the follicles of your hair, as well as the skin underneath. Thus making your eyebrows grow thicker and faster. The conditioning properties will also soften the hair, smoothing your brows- making them more manageable. 

* Next up- The "incredible, edible egg! What your brows could be needing is protein! 
Eyebrow hair is made up of keratin protein and egg yolk is an excellent source of protein. Eggy goodness can provide complete nourishment along with enhancing and improving the length and thickness of your brows. Get cracking, and make sure the "yolk is on you!"

* Fenugreek seeds. Cultivate thicker, healthier eyebrows. Also a rich source of proteins, along with lecithin and nicotinic acid assisting in super-powered growth. These seeds also help in rebuilding the follicles of hair, making them a go-to for those with traumatized brows! 

* Onions. A strange, but true remedy for dull and thin eyebrows. Who knew? Onion contains sulphur, which produces collagen tissue- required in the healthy growth of eyebrows. It will in turn also prevent sparseness by strengthening the follicles of precious brow hair... Juice that onion! 

* Blood Oranges. Essential for proper hair growth. For thick eyebrows, this orange juice is also recommended because of it's amount of vitamin C and folate. Increasing the amount of vitamin contained foods in your diet and your eyebrows will naturally grow. Using the juice as well topically can really speed things along!

In addition to these fast and fab brow masks- golden slumbers are integral when trying to achieve happy brows and glowy skin. They don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing!  The original brow beauty, Sleeping Beauty, knew what was up. Proper rest is crucial to bold brow game! Sleep loss is awful for eyebrows! Still sparse? Get checked for an iron deficiency and/or thyroid problems (both natural reasons for hair loss); diet, and stress, can also cause a negative change in your eyebrows. 
Faith, trust and a bit of browpixie dust never hurts. My specially formulated, organic brow gel does wonders for regrowth when applied at a minimum of 2-3 times a day. Available for purchase in cool salons, spas, boutiques and of course, online at! Say goodbye to hard, flakey and dull eyebrows! Browboo gel is "good-for-you-grooming"! Created with the very best in organic ingredients, (which are 30% higher in antioxidants than non-organic), this gel does more than keep brows in line. Formulated with bamboo extract, "Browboo" gel is naturally high in silica, which adds strength and  luster to hair. Flax seed, sage and aloe soothes, nourishes and protects the eyebrow hair to keep them healthy, lush and looking great.  Fabulousness in a bottle? Could be...

That's all for now my brow beauties! Be sure and keep up with me for more tips, trends, and the latest fun on Instagram and Facebook! 😘💛✨

Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm baaaack!

I'm baaaaack... Spring time greetings my brow beauties!
It's been quite some time now and SO much has changed since Fall of 2011, I must have lived three lives since then! I know it seems as though I have abandoned you, but I haven't! Just the blog, as I have been busy with social media, building my browboo product line, creating training programs and generally taking over the world, one set of brows at a time. The crusade against brows of horror is never ending my pretties, and the struggle IS REAL.

First let me start by saying I care not how thick or thin your eyebrows are, but one thing we should all agree on is making sure your arch is in it's proper place.
What IS this? And who in the hell is perpetuating this shape, waxing it over and over on the masses, saying "oh yeah, this looks good!"

But I digress. 
Let's get to the "root" of the problem, shall we?

After all, what's done is done. It is what it is. Or is it?
Which brings me to the awkward topic of growing those suckers out. 
Tedious? Yup. 
A true test of self retraint? You bet. 
But I am here to tell you, and I am not just saying this to fuel my crusade... No one notices like you do. Or notices like myself for that matter. Now before you all riot and shake your angry, tweezer-clenched fists at me- for heaven's sake put down that damn magnifying mirror! If poorly shaped brows are the root of all evil, then that mirror, along with the severely misguided soul who "shaped" them that way... is the devil! (I will add that after shaping brows that way, whether or not they have a soul is questionable to me)
Unless you have one of those fine, fuzzy hairs in your eye, step awaaaaay from the mirror. 
Give your tweezers a break. They are suffering from an acute case of exhaustion. Lock them up. Give them to a trusted buddy. Someone who will not give into your desperate pleas. You can not be trusted at this point. Welcome to brow rehab. -insert Amy Winehouse singing here- 
You do however, have the time. And for the record, your daddy does not think those brows look fine, he just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

Ok. Now that we've got that out of the way, so begins the tedious process of resuscitating the follicles. Be patient. They're traumatized. Patience is key. I have clients in recovery ask me all the time: "How long will they take to grow in?" This is the equivalent to the question asked of the Tootsie Roll Pop Owl. "The world may never know." Why you ask is your friendly browpixie being as evasive as that lollipop-loving owl? The answer is simple. Everyone is an individual, therefore so is their rate of hair growth. What takes one person a matter of weeks, takes another months. And all too often, quite a few of you, years. Yes, years. I know. I can hear the deep sighs of hopelessness from here. But do remember guys and gals- how many years have your poor brows been enduring such abuse? Ok then.

But before you reach for that cocktail in the middle of the day... This is SPRINGTIME!! The season of renewal! Rebirth! RE-GROWTH! YES.YOU.CAN. (Each and everyone of you should be dong a happy dance, frolicking among daffodils.) 
Why daffodils you ask? Why it's the flower of hope, and just so happens to be the browpixie"s fav flower...

Check out my website for "The browpixie's Tips for Happy Brows" to get yourself started. Socialize with your pixie! Check out my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for the "Spring into Happy Brows and Glowy Skin" series... Fun, fast and fabulous tips for "brows on the grow and skin on the glow!"